CCCCC – Easy Password Generator


CCCCC, also called CMC, is a term used in the SEO industry for what some refer to as the Simple Password in the industry. This technique uses the basic combination of letters and numbers to make your website known.

A Simple Password in the industry refers to the term which in recent years has gained widespread recognition amongst internet users who use the Internet regularly. In other words, it is the type of website that you can easily remember for entering your PIN number into the security system of your house or car.

So, why is this technique of simply memorizing a pin number so important? As an


example, a traditional casino would offer you their card games. They do this because they know that if they don’t offer you something to play them will be out of business.

But why are card games, often referred to as roulette or blackjack, so important in casinos? Well, the casinos have recognized that if you can be able to say “I play blackjack” then people who come to your casino are far more likely to buy their wares.

So how does one achieve the CCcCCC from a card game? For most people the answer is easy; remember the combination of the digits that appear on the cards. For example, if you were playing blackjack and you are dealt two suits, the ones and twos, the first digit would be ‘ 4’ while the second digit would be ‘ 2’.

The second digit would be the number ‘ 2’ plus ‘ 2’. So if you were playing blackjack in a casino you would need to memorize the number ‘2’ and if it was a twos suit you would need to remember the other part. So you need to memorize the other three parts of the CCCCcccC.

Now that you understand how simple passwords are, let’s look at the next step in the process: creating a white name, i.e. website address.

And now that you have completed this step, you are ready to start creating a white name for your website. Of course you will have a website address, and you can place your contact details here, but you want to make sure that it is simple.

The reason for this is that the link between the number of words you are using and the level of security you want your website to provide is known as the strength of the link. So your website address and contact details need to be plain text.


Now the CCCCC is ready to start, with the Simple Password in the industry you just need to choose a keyword, maybe a specific word or phrase, and set it up. This has been known to sometimes be difficult to do correctly. There is a saying in the SEO industry, which says that someone can start working in the SEO industry by making it a point to write a good article every day.

Your goal is to create a keyword that will tell Google and the search engines exactly what your website is about, and what is the content that you are offering on your website. This will allow your website to rank higher on search engine results pages. And with this knowledge you can start creating CCccCCC today.

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